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                                 About the Author
 I'm a married mum of four, living in the small town of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. I have been an author for the past two years and it's been the busiest two years of my life!  I have wanted to write children's stories ever since my primary school teacher introduced me to; 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!' I was eight years old. 
Upon leaving high school, life sometimes gets in the way and becoming an author was not high on my list. I decided not to go off to university but to get married and start a family.
Ten years passed, and within that time my childhood dream faded, in fact, it  completely disappeared, until  four years ago...
We were on a family holiday when my eldest son and I were chatting about his future. I flippantly told him, "With hard work and determination you can be whatever you want."
To which my son asked, "When I was little, what had I wanted to be?"
I answered him, "To become a children's author."
Then, he simply asked, "Why didn't you then?"
And that was it, that night I started drawing out (on a napkin from the local restaurant) a fantasy world which was to be mastered by a clever crow. Then I decided (on the same night) to have my world locked away inside a snow globe...two years on, that napkin is one of my most treasured possessions.  
I have been truly blessed with meeting some great people, and earlier this year, I signed an optioning agreement with a Film/TV production company.
One thing I have learnt is, never again will I say any flippant remarks to my son, because in actual fact, his reply has changed my life. 
Huge thanks to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph for asking me to appear in the 'Spotlight' section! I was very honoured.
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